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Huawei RuralStar Pro solution won the GSMA GLOMO "Best Emerging Market Mobile Innovation Award"

2021-06-25 admin Read 171

At the Mobile World Congress 2021, Huawei's RuralStar Pro connectivity and digital inclusion solution won the GSMA GLOMO "Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets" award, representing Huawei's contribution to the digital life of people in emerging markets. His contribution has been highly recognized by the industry.

Huawei won the GSMA GLOMO "Best Emerging Market Mobile Innovation Award"

In response to the lack of infrastructure in some emerging markets, lack of stable power supply and reliable backhaul, and low installation and maintenance efficiency, Huawei continues to innovate a series of remote area mobile communication solutions, and will launch the industry's first integrated access and backhaul integration in 2021. The product RuralStar Pro achieves the highest integration (radio frequency/baseband/backhaul three-in-one), effectively replacing the traditional expensive optical fiber, microwave and satellite transmission methods. In addition, Huawei's smart solar photovoltaic solution can make self-supply of green energy (free from mains electricity and oil-free) a reality.

In January 2021, China Unicom successfully implemented the minimalist rural coverage solution RuralStar Pro in Maopo Village, Guizhou Province. The installation and commissioning of equipment only takes 2 hours, which is more than 80% shorter than the opening time of traditional sites. The engineer of China Unicom said with emotion, "This is the fastest site I have opened in 10 years." RuralStar Pro solves the problem of inconvenience in communication and life due to the inconvenience of communication and life due to the lack of mobile signal, and the need to climb the mountain. At the same time, it gradually solves the problem of economic backwardness caused by information blockage.

Around the world, thousands of RuralStar base stations have been opened to provide MBB services and voice calls, eliminating the digital divide in rural areas. During the COVID-19 pandemic, provide "non-stop school suspension" for remote areas, extend online classrooms to every village and every student; help release the latest epidemic situation and village clinic assistance, provide better medical services, and avoid large-scale spread; Farmers in remote areas can obtain the latest agricultural product market information in a timely manner, and they can sell goods live in orchards to help rural areas get out of poverty; provide mobile financial access for people who are not covered by traditional banks in Africa, and allow people to make hygienic contactless payments. Help the government quickly disburse epidemic subsidies to the poor and raise donations for disaster relief. Didi’s innovative applications are gradually changing the world and strongly support the early realization of the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations (such as “infrastructure industry”, “promoting equality”, “health care”, “high-quality education”, and “clean energy”).

In the future, "Huawei will always be committed to enriching people's digital lives, and will never stop investing in innovative solutions that connect and disconnect." Guo Dahua, President of Huawei’s Wireless Site Product Line, said, “Currently, Huawei’s RuralStar series of solutions have been commercially deployed in more than 60 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, with more than 20,000 sites. “RuralStar Pro is the latest achievement of Huawei’s continuous investment over the years. The advantages of high integration, fast deployment, and easy maintenance are bound to accelerate the popularization of rural network coverage and bring digital life to every corner of the world. "

The Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) was founded in 1996 by GSMA, an authoritative organization in the mobile communications industry, and represents the highest honor in the mobile industry. The GLOMOs award categories cover categories such as mobile technology, connected consumption, unknown industries, and Tech4Good. Because the award is composed of more than 250 analysts, media and experts from around the world, it is the most authoritative and fair industry award, and is known as the Oscar of the mobile industry.

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